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What To Do When You’re Facing Impossible Love

If you are bewitched by a certain someone that you can’t have, then you are facing impossible love. This can be a time of struggle and heartache, and it can be completely emotionally painful. You can feel as though you have met that most perfect person, but you can’t have them in your life, for whatever reason, and this is the time that you face impossible love. Impossible Love

There are many different reasons why we can’t have someone, and it can take a hard toll on our emotions. We can feel devastated, depressed, uninspired by anyone else, and bad about ourselves. The reasons that we can’t have that perfect person are varied, and include the following:

Why we can’t have who we want to have
One of the big reasons that we can’t have who we want to have, is that they are with someone else. When your perfect match is already in a relationship with someone else, it is not your job to break the couple up. While you could wait forever, in the hope that they do break up, is this exactly what you want to do? You mind can be racing, and you can be faced with the impossible.

They just say ‘no’. If you have asked your perfect match out on a date many, many times and they keep saying no, then it is unlikely that they will suddenly say ‘yes’ to you. They may clearly not be interested in you, and there may be no chance that you can be together. They may be interested in someone else, or they might just not be interested in you as a person.

If your potential partner is too far away from you, this could be considered impossible love. Distance could be too hard to maintain, especially if they are in another country, or in a capital city that is far away. You may not be able to see each other face-to-face, especially if the distance is too far away to travel.

Phone conversations can only do so much, because eventually the heart yearns for something more. This is impossible love, because distance is destroying you, and the commitments that keep you far away are not in your favour.

There are many other reasons whey impossible love can exist, and if you are reading this now you may be able to name a few for yourself. Sometimes, while we love someone, too many negative points get in our way. This can destroy us inside and we can feel very alone in the world. Impossible love can be a complete heartache!

Impossible LoveStrategies for facing impossible love
If you have the option of talking about the situation with your special person, then try and do so. You may find that with some honesty, you gain exactly what you need, and the impossible may turn out to not be so impossible at all. Perhaps it is all in your mind, and the other person feels exactly the same way about you too.

You will need to think hard about this option though. If you feel that you are in love with someone that you don’t know well, talking to them might scare them off if you come on too heavy. Perhaps it could work, if you start out with a quick chat, and if you haven’t invited them on a date, then give it a go.

If you have asked them out already, and they have said no, then you can still try and talk about it with them, but remember that you might be too full on, if you keep asking they keep saying no. There might be a time when you need to realise that you need to move on and cut your losses.

How to move on from impossible love
Start to think positive about the future. Right now it might seem as though this person is the only one for you, however this is not necessarily the case. There are many wonderful people in the world, and it is right now for you to start meeting them.

Think about all the good things that you can offer someone, and boost your confidence. Try online dating and start meeting people who you are better suited to. Start enjoying yourself, and move forward, freeing yourself from impossible love.

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