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Dating in the Workplace

Dating isn’t always easy, and dating in the workplace has its own challenges. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t always a good idea, or that it can’t be done successfully. The key is open communication and a mature approach, because it might not work out or it could be the best risk that you’ve ever taken.
Dating in the Workplace
Why do so many people find new relationships in the workplace?
Work can be a major part of our lives. It consumes a lot of our time and we spend more days at work than we do at home with our families. Dating in the workplace is a common occurrence, simply because it is an institution that brings different people together – people with different backgrounds and interests who may not meet for any other reason.

If you are restricted to your own familiar social circle it can be difficult to meet new people, including dating or relationship prospects. Starting a new job or meeting a new employee naturally expands that social circle, and we are introduced to new and exciting people.

So, work becomes a place to meet new people, people that we may not have ever met otherwise. It is also a place to become familiar with these people, learn things about them and become comfortable in their presence. 

When you work closely with someone you get to learn a lot about them, including the way they deal with problems, face challenges and ethical decisions. You soon learn how they interact with other people, deal with stress, and how they present themselves physically. You find out if they are clean and organised, punctual and reliable.

Many of the personal characteristics displayed in the workplace are also desirable in relationships, so they can trigger some admiration from single co-workers – and over time people who work with each other become comfortable in each other’s presence. They learn to trust each other, know each other’s quirks, and even start to share information about their personal lives and out-of-work interests.

Workplace DatingWhat are the challenges of dating someone from your workplace?
The main challenge of dating someone in the workplace is that it could affect your jobs. If your job is highly important to you, you might not want to risk losing it, all because you found a romantic spark in another person who worked there.

Dating can also be difficult if you don’t know how the other person feels about you. It would be difficult to ask another co-worker out on a date during a chat around the water cooler. It would be awkward if they said yes, and even more awkward if they said no.

Dating in the workplace can also be a challenge if the two people have alternative positions of power. Ethics can come in to play if an employee is dating their boss, and the rest of the team might find this unfair, even if no unfairness is presented or intended.

How to make a romantic move on a person you work with
Firstly, you’ll need to weigh up the consequences and decide for yourself if this is the right thing to do. If however, you are ready to take on the challenge, then the next thing to do is find out how the other person feels. If they are showing signs of interest then get that confidence and ask them out. If you are unsure how they feel, then make some moves to ensure you both spend more time together. Dating at Work

There are many options for meeting outside of work, to get to know the other person better. Arrange some work drinks, and invite your crush along, or talk to them more at work to find common interests.

Most importantly, don’t take yourself too seriously. Just be responsible, mature and positive and you might find that dating in the workplace is the best move you’ve ever made.

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